Rental Checklist & Agreement

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1. Do not drag tables, chairs, or other heavy objects. Take care not to scratch floors.

2. NO nails, staples or tacks of any kind may be used. Facility cannot be altered in any way.

3. Do not adjust thermostat. Heat is set at appropriate temperature.

4. NO property shall be removed from facility for any reason, at any time.

5. In order to receive a refunded deposit:

-Facility must be left clean and orderly.
-All chairs, tables, and other equipment must be returned to storage area.
-Lights must be turned off.

• Violation of these rules can result in termination of rental agreement.
• Refunded deposit will be granted only if rental agreement is honored and within 10 days of completion of the contract.
• Any damage discovered by authorized personnel (during inspection) after the rental period, may result in a non-refunded deposit. If you notice any damage upon entering the facility, please report it to authorized personnel prior to usage of the facility.
• All lost and found items will be donated to Goodwill at the end of each month.

By signing this form, you agree to perform all duties listed above.

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