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 Chefs Remedy

Bio: I am originally from Southern California. I went to culinary school after high school because I always had a love for cooking and the confidence it built in me when I discovered as long as I have the right ingredients I can make something delicious anytime! My parents were also a big influence. My Thai dad owned a Thai restaurant for many years in my childhood, and my Latin mother cooked up chorizo and eggs for breakfast. I was always around some very great food.

Chef’s Remedy started in 2013 and does a lot of different things with its food, from weekly meal prep to catering parties. We work directly with the customer to customize a menu with them they will be proud to serve.

Favorite Style of Food to Prepare: Because I grew up on the California coast, I have always had a love for Mexican food. It’s so simple yet so satisfying and complex. It’s great for almost any diet including vegans! And it’s just something fun and interactive with adding your topping and salsas. Healthy recognizable ingredients that bring joy to the party every time!

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