Alcohol Requirements & Service Policy 

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Clear Creek Events may allow the facility user to provide alcoholic beverage service if the Event Producer can demonstrate they are able to follow the requirements as outlined below, provide a bartender that is licensed with the OLCC and sign the “Alcohol Serving Agreement.” Clear Creek Events must be informed of and approve the serving of alcoholic beverages.

It is the responsibility of the licensed Bartender to monitor the distribution of alcohol, the bartender is fully responsible for any incidents involving alcohol.

It is the responsibility of the Bartender to monitor the service of alcoholic beverages, ensure no alcoholic beverages are served to anyone under 21 years of age and to “cut people off” who appear to be intoxicated or using poor judgement.

If a person does not comply with these policies and problems arise, they will be asked to vacate the facility. Clear Creek Events has the authority to close the bar at any time and can terminate the event if problems occur. If needed, Clear Creek Events will seek immediate assistance from the police to ensure all policies are followed.

Events serving alcohol must observe the following:

1. Events are limited to serving alcohol for 5 hours maximum, ceasing service 1 hour prior to the scheduled conclusion of the event.
2. There must be an OLCC licensed bartender dispensing the alcoholic beverages and must follow all OLCC laws.
3. All guests are required to be able to provide valid ID to be served. No one under the age of 21 will be served alcohol. Any Guest providing alcohol to a minor will be required to leave the grounds immediately.
4. There must be food served during the time that alcohol is being served. 5. Alcohol must be less than 50% of the selection of all beverages being served.
6. Clear Creek Events must be notified of the types of alcohol being served 1 week or more prior to the event. No additional alcohol may be brought in and served without prior approval. Guests may not bring in alcohol. People caught smuggling in alcohol will be ejected.
7. Clear Creek events does not permit hard alcohol. Beer, Wine and Champagne are the approved alcoholic beverages for this event space.
8. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in rental rooms only. Alcohol may not be consumed in restrooms or parking lots and may only be served and consumed during the hours listed on the rental agreement.

Alcohol Serving Agreement

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